Nihonbashi in Yukata
supported by Toray Industries, Inc.

7/5 (Fri) - 9/23 (Mon)
Digital signage in the Edo Sakura-dori Street Underground Walkway

“Perfect for Wearing Yukata!” is a slideshow of photographs from around the Nihonbashi neighborhood. Scenes of each area of Nihonbashi have been taken by photographer Naohiro Yako, and they are being displayed on the digital signage in the underground walkway beneath Edo Sakura-dori Street. Pictures and a report of the exhibit are being distributed through the web magazine Bridgine.

Nihonbashi photos taken by photographer Naohiro Yako
photo by Naohiro Yako

Worked as a video jockey (VJ) from the age of 17, and became a founding member of the creative studio flapper3 Inc (Japanese). in 2002. Since 2010, he has headed Bunkai-Kei records (Japanese), an online record label. Received the Jury Selections Award at the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Japan Media Arts Festival in 2012. Started photography career in 2016, mainly on Instagram. His neo-futuristic nightscape photographs of Tokyo and Osaka have drawn the attention of media from around the world, and in two years his followers have increased to 60,000, as the scope of his activities continues to expand.

Naohiro Yako(photographer)

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